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Hello! I'm Alexandra. I live in Portland OR with my fiancé -  Evan. When we first started dating back in 2011, he took kindly to my organizing, as I immediately found myself encouraging him to donate worn and unused items regularly. He welcomed my ways with open arms and never made me feel like the way I functioned within a space was overbearing or weird. He's the best partner and friend.

I have been organizing spaces before I was double digits; before I even knew my time spent organizing was helping people find joy and order amongst chaos and anxiety. Organizing has always helped me alleviate stress in my own life and helping others in the same way is a joy!

This passion of mine started with organizing friends' rooms in elementary school. I never thought twice about the fact that this wasn’t everyone’s normal, as play dates were spent moving furniture and organizing teen magazines in alphabetical order and clothes by color. 

While my friends most likely shrugged it off because we were young and unaware, some of my strongest childhood memories are transforming a space and gleaming over the results (and how the results made people feel.)

Our space, the things we own, and the way we function within our space drives our quality of mental health. Organizing can often mean facing grief, anxiety, and the unknown and that’s what makes it so incredibly rewarding to help people navigate this kind of work.

When I am not organizing peoples homes, you can find me running a full time wedding photo biz, hiking with friends, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I love to read, make lists, organize my own space and go for long walks with Evan and our current foster or Rover dog.

I'm an empath, and am super sensitive to the challenges people face in their homes with accomplishing and maintaining an organized space. I live for human connection and making new friends. I am so happy you've found your way here and am excited to meet you soon!


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$10 in 10 minutes.

Often times when I've saved too many "what if" items, I rationalize tossing them if I can replace them in 10 minutes or less for $10 or less. It's not worth hanging on to hundreds of items if in a decade you might only replace one. It's worth getting rid of all of them for the $10 you might spend down the road. 


Keep a bag by the door.

Getting rid of unused items is overwhelming, so why not create a system that helps you purge gradually? I keep a donation bag by the door and am always adding to it as I come across things worn or no longer useful. When the bag is full I know it's time to make a Goodwill trip.


One project a week!

No matter how thoroughly we clean and organize our home, our space easily gets messy again (dogs, kids, guests hello mess.) Weekly maintenance is key. Choose a project like cleaning the fridge out, dusting the baseboards, tidying up a closet, and give yourself 1 - 2 hours to get it done.



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