Best Organizing Products For Your Kitchen

As promised during last Tuesdays live on my Insta, I said I would share storage solutions that will make tidying up easier. Because there are so many useful products out there, I decided I would start with kitchen items first. Later I will create separate blog posts for each individual room in our homes, so that moving toward more organized spaces feels less overwhelming! Plus, I’ve been organizing so many kitchens lately, I figured I’d share the best of the best while ideas are still fresh in my mind.

Best organizing products for your kitchen! Here we go!

Ikea – Utensil + Knife Tray

If you have all sorts of kitchen items rolling around in your drawers, sleek bamboo or rubber trays can divide your items up and give them a more proper home. Also, a knife tray is nice if you enjoy less on the counter and want to ditch the knife block all together.

Etsy – Customizable Spice Jars

Having customized spice jars is not only a nice excuse to combine old spices and consolidate. It’s also sustainable and looks pretty.  

Amazon – Slide Out Tray Organizer

Pull out organizers make it easier to see what you have + maximize space in your cabinets. Utilize organizers like this for baking pans, pizza stones, and cutting boards!

Yamazaki – Dual Handle Storage Baskets

These baskets are great for pantries to keep loose items contained. On top of that, they are stylish and allow you to see what is in them, which is particularly useful on higher shelves. My favorite thing to store in these is snacks, canned goods, and veggies (like onions or potatoes).

Bed, Bath & Beyond – Organizers

Although they are labeled as makeup organizers, they work just as well in the kitchen. These small organizers give you the flexility to organize cabinets and drawers how you’d like. They also make front to back storage more manageable because you can pull things out in groups. Try utilizing these for sauces in your pantry or kids cups in your cabinets. The options are endless.

Yamazaki – Dish Riser

This organizing item might be my favorite. Having dish risers allows us to really maximize the storage in our cabinets for not only dishes, but mugs and glasses as well. In fact, you can even use these for storing teas, snacks and other pantry items too.

Williams Sonoma – Large Weck Jars

I love utilizing these in the fridge for leftover sauces and canned goods, or just leftovers in general. They make your fridge look cohesive and organized, and can also be used to store dried goods in the pantry.

Williams Sonoma – Stasher Bags

Guys I love these bags! Evan and I are easing into sustainability and have been slowly swapping out items in our home for reusable, chemical free items. These bags have been a great substitute for Ziploc bags. They make for great storage in the fridge but also work well for snacks + sandwiches on the go. Bonus, they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

They come in all sorts of sizes, so don’t miss the cute snack size while you are perusing Williams Sonoma’s site.

Urban Outfitters – Magnetic Kitchen Storage Rack

Have a small kitchen? Or limited storage space and counter space? This is a fun way to clear your counters for someone hoping to maintain a more minimal kitchen.

I hope you found some of these storage solutions useful and applicable to your own space. With that said, keep in mind that you don’t always have to spend more on organizing products to create a tidy space. Before running to the container store or Ikea, try sitting down with your partner or your child and downsize what you already own. Sometimes sorting through items first allows us to repurpose old bins that are no longer being used. Also, having less in our space in general might eliminate the need for a particular organizing product altogether.





Best Organizing Products For Your Kitchen

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